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    PackCheck Family

    Packaging inspection

    As a producer you only want to deliver the best products to your customers. You select the products with care and ensure appropriate packaging.

    Fortunately, our PackCheck solutions are there. Quality assurance and process optimization in production and technology through camera, barcode and weight inspection.

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    Working on business operation? Experience the quality of our consultancy and service.

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    Quality assurance, and process optimization in production & logistics

    By camera, barcode and weight inspection.

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    Kobobss. Sustainable and groundbreaking

    At Kobobss we think it is important that you can always come to us for service and support. With a professional team we are happy to help you on your way with a suitable solution for you!

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    We think it is important to continue to take care of our products. This way we not only take care of our solutions, but also of your process.


    At Kobobss we are sincere, committed and proud to be a loyal and reliable partner for you. We add value to your process in an open and honest way.


    Because our solutions are produced at Kobobss, we also do this with our software. You can always rely on our knowledge and skills, with which we are always ready for u.


    Prevent recall actions

    Better safe (and cheaper) than sorry. In addition, a recall action has major consequences for your company and product image. with our solutions you are assured of the correct packaging of your product and your product is provided with the correct (allergen) data


    Cost reduction by less waste

    You will be informed when the first incorrectly packaged product is found. The result is immediate intervention, therefore no waste (product and packaging) is produced.


    High reliability due to continuous monitoring

    No more samples on your packaging, label and best before date, but a 100% check and approval of all products that leave your company.

    Increasing customer satisfaction

    Your customers will also be satisfied with the check carried out, every product that your customer receives is fully correctly packaged, labeled and / or printed.

    Presenting burden of proof

    Filling in checklists is no longer applicable, every checked product is included in our registration tool. All products can be found in our dashboard by you and your customers including an image.

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    about our machines

    Would you like to see everything again? Download our brochure and read all the information carefully at your leisure.

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    More information about the PackCheck Plus or PackCheck Flex? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

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