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  • Customer Journey

    Together we make the journey through your project. During this journey we work together,
    we are involved from the start, we know the issue and find the right solution.

    We care beyond vision



    Step 01

    Get to know our solution

    Your idea is discussed and tested for feasibility. The solution and the plan are presented and discussed.

    We start the project together with our project manager. We write the project plan, make the project planning and ensure that all aspects of the project are discussed, and the expectations of the solution are known.

    Step 02

    Starting together

    Step 03

    We build your solution

    Your solution is built by us. The entire production of your solution takes place at Kobobss, both mechanically, electrically aswell as software.

    The FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) takes place at Kobobss in Yerseke. From there, we go through and test the solution as discussed. The FAT is an important step in the journey to make the installation at your location run as smoothly as possible. A successful FAT is concluded with the signing of the FAT document. One step closer to the solution at your location.

    Step 04

    Ready for installation

    Step 05


    The installation at your location is taking place, the turnkey solution is being placed in your production process.

    An important aspect of our installation is training operators. We make sure that your employees are completely familiar with our solution.

    Step 06

    As a whole with each other

    Step 07

    Successfully installed

    Your solution is live! After a successful SAT (Site Acceptance Test) the solution is being used and you can start producing without worries. From now on every single product is completely checked.

    Most of the time we stay a little longer for support at your location to make the start and using of the solution without any problems.

    Reassured customer

    Our journey does not end here, we stay connected with the solution in your production process.
    All the products you produce with care, are sent to
    your customers with the correct quality requirements. That is very reassuring.

    We realize that you want to focus on your own business operations and do what you are good at.
    That is exactly where our Customer Care department adds value with the following services:

    • Customer Service
    • Spare Parts Service
    • Inspection and Service Agreements

    Do you need help with your process or solution? Customer Care helps!

    Kobobss stands for quality and service. We deliver the inspection solution, install it, but also provide aftercare. We provide service and support at your location, supply parts and provide updates and support you with your solution if you wish. Kobobss service is customization. We discuss the options in detail to make sure you get what you need.

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    Proud of the clients we have

    Complexity with good results

    Industrial design and fashion comes together in pocket-sized essentials from Secrid. Made in the Netherlands with the greatest care for quality, people and environment. A true partnership. Together with Secrid, various solutions have been devised, designed, made and put into use. From Track & Trace solutions for the logistics issue to high-quality solutions to guarantee the quality of the product.

    “It has turned into a complex but also a fantastic project!” I am positive about the support and assistance I have received so far in this project”, says Thomas Boogert.


    Thomas Boogert, Secrid

    Operators choose the Kobobss system

    Rijk Zwaan, an international vegetable breeding company with over 3000 employees in 30 different countries. Our systems have been running at Rijk Zwaan since 2017, with an automated process. What was difficult at the start, has eventually become a great solution. The operator has been the most important in this process. Thanks to a good project management approach, the project has succeeded.

    “The operators are asking for the Kobobss system, it is very nice to work with”, says Gert-Jan Geschiere.


    Gert-Jan Geschiere, Rijk Zwaan