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    We realize that you want to focus on your own business operations and do what you are good at. Experience the quality of a personal consultation and get to know our experienced service engineers who are happy to support you in all service-related matters.


    You can always fall back on them!

    After the self-installed smart cameras have been replaced by the PackCheck Flex from Kobobss, there is a solid solution that fully checks every package.

    “In addition to choosing this solid solution over the smart camera, the choice for Kobobss was made because of the knowledge, experience and service. You can always fall back on Kobobss Customer Care in case of questions. “

    Arno Sanberg, de Menken Keuken

    The quality of our product is guaranteed with this solution

    De Oliebron is one of the largest independent producers of lubricants in Western Europe. Its customers consist of large oil companies and lubricating oil traders. Due to a combination of a very wide range of lubricating oils, various packaging lines and customer-specific labels, the possibilities are almost endless.

    To guarantee the quality of the products and packaging, Kobobss had supplied a PackCheck Flex solution, the label and the caps are checked for correctness, quality and correct positioning.

    “A great solution to guarantee the quality of our automatic line. Great project Kobobss!” says Hans van den Bosch.

    Hans van den Bosch, De Oliebron

    Een mooie slimme innovatie !

    Voor het verpakken van onze bevroren aardappel producten slaan wij het product op in de vriescel.

    Deze oplossing helpt ons om product

    Gerbert Loeffen, Agristo

    What is important to us


    At Kobobss we are sincere, committed and proud to be a loyal and reliable partner for you. We add value to your process in an open and honest way.


    Because our solutions are produced at Kobobss, just like our software. You can always rely on our knowledge and skills, with which we are always ready for u.


    We think it is important to continue to take care of our products. This way we not only take care of our solutions, but also of your process.

    How can we help you?

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    Send us an email with your question and information, this way we can provide the most specific answer possible.

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