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    Are you experiencing a problem in the packaging process or do you want to check whether there is room for optimization within your production line? Based on a personal consultation, Kobobss investigates whether and where a possible obstacle occurs. We provide you with expert advice and offer a suitable solution. In short, we first examine whether products are produced incorrectly and what the impact is. After that, any potential performance problem is resolved and you add value to your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Resulting in: 

    • Time savings 
    • Improved cost reduction 
    • Quality assurance 
    • An excellent customer image 

    Expert advice

    Advice number one: when a problem occurs in the production line, it is wise to take a step back and first properly identify the cause. Because you are closely involved in the production process, there is a chance that you will find a solution too quickly. Thanks to the expert advice of a Kobobss consultant you can be sure that you are not only tackling symptoms.

    The right solution

    We always start from the “why” and have an analytical approach. We offer you the right tools to map out the situation in terms of costs. With the help of this information, an informed investment decision can be made. In addition, we conduct research into trends and developments in the market, so that you actually switch to a future-proof solution.

    Tailored advice

    During the introduction, one of our experts would prefer to visit you. This allows us to take a close look at the production process and get a good picture of the situation. We make a diagnosis and as soon as the core problem is clear to us, we translate this into the possibilities that Kobobss has to offer. We finish our advice with a tailor-made offer. Are you curious about what a consultation can mean for you? Get in touch with us directly. We would like to hear from you!

    Complexity with good results

    Industrial design and fashion comes together in pocket-sized essentials from Secrid. Made in the Netherlands with the greatest care for quality, people and environment. A true partnership. Together with Secrid, various solutions have been devised, designed, made and put into use. From Track & Trace solutions for the logistics issue to high-quality solutions to guarantee the quality of the product.

    “It has turned into a complex but also a fantastic project!” I am positive about the support and assistance I have received so far in this project”, says Thomas Boogert.


    Thomas Boogert, Secrid

    With knowledge and passion

    Kobobss supports us in accelerating issues in the field of packaging optimization and quality inspection.
    Their knowledge and practical experience are a good boost for projects and improvement processes.
    For both, existing optimization and also thinking about the future.

    Our pleasant cooperation results in beautiful solutions.
    A broad experience and specialist knowledge is a good mix that they know how to use successfully.

    From advice to implementation, get the job done!

    John Verbrugge, Lamb Weston / Meijer

    Where others stop, Kobobss dares to go a step further

    Moba, a worldwide leading manufacturer of egg sorting, packaging and processing machines. Koboboss and Moba have built a true partnership in the past years. Together, they developed the PackCheck Plus and a solid solution has been built. Moba uses the PackCheck Plus under the name MCI10.

    The PackCheck Plus is designed and built completely at Kobobss


    'Our process even better secured'

    For our location in warm houses we were looking for a quality control system on our vertical packaging machines

    Kobobss was selected from the selection procedure to realize this solution for us. The result is a seamless integrated system, complete with a live web dashboard for inspection results

    A nice solution.

    Vezet – Warmenhuizen

    What is important to us


    At Kobobss we are sincere, committed and proud to be a loyal and reliable partner for you. We add value to your process in an open and honest way.


    Because our solutions are produced at Kobobss, just like our software. You can always rely on our knowledge and skills, with which we are always ready for u.


    We think it is important to continue to take care of our products. This way we not only take care of our solutions, but also of your process.

    How can we help you?

    Speak to someone directly?

    Then contact one of our colleagues, they will be happy to talk to u.

    Call +31 (0) 113 572 320

    Rather not by telephone?

    Send us an email with your question and information, this way we can provide the most specific answer possible.

    Mail to info@kobobss.com

    Let us hear from you

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