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    Packaging inspection machines

    As a producer you only want to deliver the best products to your customers. You select the products with care and ensure appropriate packaging. But what if a package is not correct, the seal is dirty or the printed best before date is incorrect?

    Fortunately, there are our PackCheck solutions. Quality assurance and process optimization in production and technology through camera, barcode and weight inspection.

    PackCheck Product

    Consumer Packaging
    Easy to operate
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    PackCheck Plus

    Outer carton
    Remote management/support
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    PackCheck Foil

    Check of best before date, pattern and barcodes on foil
    Barcode inspection
    Camera check
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    PackCheck Can

    Label and cap inspection
    Camera check
    Barcode inspection
    Quality assurance
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    PackCheck Combo

    Weighing, metal detection and camera control
    Integration on your process
    Camera check
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    When do you choose inspection automation?

    If you produce and pack products (with allergens), checking for correctness is of great importance. You want to prevent a recall and increase customer satisfaction. We do this by fully checking every product that your customer receives. In addition to checking your products, you also want insight into the valuable production information and, if necessary, adjust accordingly.