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  • A total solution

    The inspection machines from Kobobss can be integrated in and on every production line. Kobobss supplies the complete system as a Turn-Key solution, or integrates it with our PackCheck Flex on your existing systems.

    Loma & Kobobss

    Kobobss adds a camera control to Loma’s existing inspection systems with the PackCheck Combo. This makes the purchase barrier for inline camera control even lower. Smart right!

    Collecting burden of proof

    The addition of camera control eliminates the need of manually performing quality checks. The inspection data and images are stored and presented by our web dashboard.

    All your products checked

    All products are checked, including the well-known PV test and image and data logging for each product. Guarantee on packaging quality with 100% certainty for the future.

    Logging and Registration

    Every product is checked based on your desired characteristics. You want to save the results of this check, of course this is part of the PackCheck Combo. In addition to saving results, images and incorrect products with corresponding times will be saved. Therefore, taking samples is not applicable anymore, but a 100% check for every product with saved results at the desired location.

    Are you curious about the statistics of the PackCheck solutions? Or do you want to view the inspection results at a later time? Then you can log in (remotely) on the web dashboard.


    Communicating with your ERP, WMS or MES system is becoming more and more import, that is why PackCheck Connect is fully equipped for this. We connect our solutions with your system to make sure that the (pure) data is retrieved from your system and the check is 100% correct and provided with the correct data.

    PackCheck Connect is extremely suitable for supplying OEE data, this solution registers the produced, rejected (and ejected) and approved products. In short: valuable information about your production.


    Because the layout is based on different user levels you can easily navigate through the landscape. As an operator, you can see the current status through the Live Monitor, where ease of operation is, according to our partners, the factor that makes PackCheck Combo distinctive. Next to the simple operation, PackCheck Connect is characterized by the accessible management model. Every package, or part of a package, that you want to inspect is easy to read and manage.

    Where others stop, Kobobss dares to go a step further

    Moba, a worldwide leading manufacturer of egg sorting, packaging and processing machines. Koboboss and Moba have built a true partnership in the past years. Together, they developed the PackCheck Plus and a solid solution has been built. Moba uses the PackCheck Plus under the name MCI10.

    The PackCheck Plus is designed and built completely at Kobobss


    Our solutions

    PackCheck Product

    Consumer Packaging
    Easy to operate
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    Private: PackCheck Connect

    Data and image analysis
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    PackCheck Plus

    Outer carton
    Remote management/support
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