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  • Composing the PackCheckFlex

    A PackCheck Flex solution is custom made, which is why we fully integrate it into your production process.

    Options when composing:

    Cap check




    On current production line


    Eject system

    A solid solution...

    De Menken Keuken produces and packages the most delicious salads and meat products. De Menken Keuken is growing explosively duo to export and product range expansion. The core value of De Menken Keuken is: “Producing quality products to differentiate ourselves within the market”. Quality is of paramount importance and for this reason they have chosen for the PackCheck Flex solution. A complete inline check of the packaging that is produced.

    “A solid solution that I trust for 100%”, concerns the PackCheck Flex as Arno Sanberg describes it.


    Arno Sanberg, de Menken Keuken

    Operators choose the Kobobss system

    Rijk Zwaan, an international vegetable breeding company with over 3000 employees in 30 different countries. Our systems have been running at Rijk Zwaan since 2017, with an automated process. What was difficult at the start, has eventually become a great solution. The operator has been the most important in this process. Thanks to a good project management approach, the project has succeeded.

    “The operators are asking for the Kobobss system, it is very nice to work with”, says Gert-Jan Geschiere.


    Gert-Jan Geschiere, Rijk Zwaan

    Complexity with good results

    Industrial design and fashion comes together in pocket-sized essentials from Secrid. Made in the Netherlands with the greatest care for quality, people and environment. A true partnership. Together with Secrid, various solutions have been devised, designed, made and put into use. From Track & Trace solutions for the logistics issue to high-quality solutions to guarantee the quality of the product.

    “It has turned into a complex but also a fantastic project!” I am positive about the support and assistance I have received so far in this project”, says Thomas Boogert.


    Thomas Boogert, Secrid

    The quality of our product is guaranteed with this solution

    De Oliebron is one of the largest independent producers of lubricants in Western Europe. Its customers consist of large oil companies and lubricating oil traders. Due to a combination of a very wide range of lubricating oils, various packaging lines and customer-specific labels, the possibilities are almost endless.

    To guarantee the quality of the products and packaging, Kobobss had supplied a PackCheck Flex solution, the label and the caps are checked for correctness, quality and correct positioning.

    “A great solution to guarantee the quality of our automatic line. Great project Kobobss!” says Hans van den Bosch.

    Hans van den Bosch, De Oliebron

    More certainty for your PackCheck?

    At our Customer Care department, you will find motivated and experienced Service Engineers that will support you in all service-related matters. Of course, with a continuous focus on a lasting relationship. To guarantee an optimal uptime and shorten the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), Kobobss offers the opportunity to provide the correct parts in the right time and place.

    More Customer Care >


    PackCheck Connect

    Simple operation, an accessible management model and always being able to see the current status. Just a selection of the benefits of the PackCheck Connect; The connecting factor within our PackCheck product group. Curious about how our software improves your process?


    Discover PackCheck Connect >

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    Are you curious about what the PackCheck can do for your company and process? We understand that, because you are investing in the future and in your company. We would like to properly analyse how our solution performs optimally in your process. Therefore, enter your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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