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  • When do you choose inspection automation?

    If you produce and pack products (with allergens), checking for correctness is of great importance. You want to prevent a recall and increase customer satisfaction. We do this by fully checking every product that your customer receives. In addition to checking your products, you also want insight into the valuable production information and, if necessary, adjust accordingly.

    Where others stop, Kobobss dares to go a step further

    Moba, a worldwide leading manufacturer of egg sorting, packaging and processing machines. Koboboss and Moba have built a true partnership in the past years. Together, they developed the PackCheck Plus and a solid solution has been built. Moba uses the PackCheck Plus under the name MCI10.

    The PackCheck Plus is designed and built completely at Kobobss


    More certainty for your PackCheck Plus?

    At our Customer Care department, you will find motivated and experienced Service Engineers that will support you in all service-related matters. Of course, with a continuous focus on a lasting relationship. To guarantee an optimal uptime and shorten the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), Kobobss offers the opportunity to provide the correct parts in the right time and place.

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    PackCheck Connect

    Simple operation, an accessible management model and always being able to see the current status. Just a selection of the benefits of the PackCheck Connect; The connecting factor within our PackCheck product group. Curious about how our software improves your process?



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    PackCheck Plus, your solution

    Request a quote?

    Are you curious about what the PackCheck can do for your company and process? We understand that, because you are investing in the future and in your company. We would like to properly analyse how our solution performs optimally in your process. Therefore, enter your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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