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  • PackCheck Inspection Platform

    As a manufacturer, you want to deliver the best products to your customers. Faulty packaging, recalls, downtime, and repairs cost money and energy. Kobobss helps organizations prevent this and guarantees the assurance of the packaging process.

    With our own developed ViTrack© software, we achieve structural improvements in the production process and monitor the packaging of your products. From raw materials to the pallet of finished products. The result: time savings, waste reduction, quality assurance, and an excellent customer image.

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    On your existing line

    Our standard modules fit perfectly in any situation on your existing production line. We work according to a fixed method where the right inspection is integrated in the right place. Mechanical, electrical, and software come together as one in your factory!


    The PackCheck Platform is purchased once and is flexible in its application. Thanks to the scalable model, it is used by many large and small manufacturers.


    With the PackCheck Platform, it is possible to visualize, operate, and record the inspection processes.

    ViTrack© Software

    With our own developed ViTrack© software, we achieve structural improvements in the production process and monitor the packaging of your products.

    Modular Platform

    Compose PackCheck Platform



    On current production line

    Control screen

    Ejection system

    Cap check




    Insight into product information

    In addition to checking the accuracy of the products and packaging, we also provide insights into valuable product information. Data and image information are stored to maintain control over the packaging process. This information can be used as evidence for your end customer.

    When do you choose inspection automation?

    If you produce and pack products (with allergens), checking for correctness is of great importance. You want to prevent a recall and increase customer satisfaction. We do this by fully checking every product that your customer receives. In addition to checking your products, you also want insight into the valuable production information and, if necessary, adjust accordingly.



    You can always fall back on them!

    After the self-installed smart cameras have been replaced by the PackCheck Flex from Kobobss, there is a solid solution that fully checks every package.

    “In addition to choosing this solid solution over the smart camera, the choice for Kobobss was made because of the knowledge, experience and service. You can always fall back on Kobobss Customer Care in case of questions. “

    Arno Sanberg, de Menken Keuken

    'Our process even better secured'

    For our location in warm houses we were looking for a quality control system on our vertical packaging machines

    Kobobss was selected from the selection procedure to realize this solution for us. The result is a seamless integrated system, complete with a live web dashboard for inspection results

    A nice solution.

    Vezet – Warmenhuizen

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